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Forex strategy can be defined as a list of examinations which a forex trader uses to find out if to buy or sell a currency pair at any point in time. These strategies can be based on technical analysis, chart analysis or even fundamental and news-based events. The trading strategy is normally comprised of signals that activate the decision to buy or sell currency. The strategies are available online and it can as well be developed by forex traders. The first and most expedient thing to do when it comes to forex trading is to be able to detect the strategies that could help you as you trade in order to get the highest profit. We would help you with the 10 points that could get you started in this article. If you judicially follow these strategies, we believe you would come back to thank us at the end of the day.

These strategies could be important for both the new upcoming traders and those that had been in the trade for a very long time now. It is also important to note that all the strategies cannot be calculated the same way; there are differences in the outcome different strategies could yield. There are some strategies that yield better results than others so it is left for the forex trader to know which strategy to choose in order to get the best out of it.

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Strategy 1: Bladerunner

This is a very good strategy and it is most suitable when you of the timeframes and pairs of the currencies being traded. It works by examining a continual series and from there get a breakout and trade on them subsequently.

Strategy 2: Daily Fibonacci Pivot

This strategy works with two major things: Fibonacci styles with the extensions and Periodical Pivots. It takes the periodical pivots of all that happens on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This strategy can be involved into other wider timeframes together with different pivots. Where one needs to be careful in this strategy is where it has to be combined with daily pivots.

Strategy 3: Bolly Band Bounce

This is one of the strategies being widely used. Although it might have less reliability among other strategies, most traders use it together with signals to enable them to confirm for greater effect.

Strategy 4: Forex Dual Stochastic

Just like the name, Forex Dual Stochastic uses two paces: Slower pace and Faster pace. These are combined together to choose regions where the price is going high but tend to become overextended within a short term.

Strategy 5: Forex Overlapping Fibonacci

This seems to be most encouraging for many traders that are into forex trading. The quotient of the reliability belief is not high when compared with others but it can bring in more gains when it is combined with appropriate signals which can assist in making them more precise.

Strategy 6: London Hammer

This strategy was coined from the London market and it is related to the period instability that is always associated with the opening of markets. This is mainly used in a situation where the price is predictably high and can also get a flow back when there is sudden resistance in position. It is the London market that positions the standard for worldwide prices in these metals. The market opens in the middle of the night northern America but opens during the day in Europe and other middle east, so this provides a very big opportunity for the business to be rolling all the time.

Strategy 7: The Bladerunner Reversal

This is a deviation from the Bladerunner earlier talked about. It combines 20 EMA and the Bollinger mid-brand and that is what is called Forex Polarity Indicator.


If you do not have contact with the Forex Polarity Indicator which is mostly available in the Resources Centre, you could just make use of the 20 EMA and the Bollinger mid-band. The deviation normally operates on the crossover of the two indicators that are the core of the polarity indicator. The real cross is not obvious in the polarity indicator, and it stands for two underlying indicators through expansion and contraction of the yellow band. This style is useful and makes use of entries from situations where the movement reverses and the price starts going on the opposite side.

Strategy 8: Pop ‘n’ Stop

This style is mainly used for a kind of situation where the price goes high but definitely you would start losing when the price goes down quickly. To be able to achieve more gains using this strategy, you need to be able to determine the trend and know if the price would continue towards the side of the breakout. You need to know all the secrets of this strategy so that you do not end up recording only losses.

Strategy 10: Forex Fractal

This is more than a strategy. It is also the main idea of market fundamentals that every forex trader needs to know so that they will be better equipped with the information about how the price goes, why is it going like that and who makes it go like that. Aside from these 10 listed strategies, there are still a lot of other strategies being used by traders. But it is you the trader to know the one that best fits your trading and helps you get more profit.



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